Who are healers exactly?

→ A healer isn’t just a doctor or a quack, his task is not only to heal any diseases that person may have, but also to restore the integrity and harmony of the soul and body.
Thus the name “Healer” as in “integrity” (play of words). A person with powers and properties given by God that are distinct in their life.

The qualities that a healer possesses, except for unique skills – is patience, kindness,
mercy, attentiveness, responsiveness, ability to empathize, sincerity. Such people have a high degree of sensitivity,
they are able to see, hear and feel what others can’t.

Healers have a high energy level, they heal doomed patience that official medicine abandoned long ago. The most powerful healers help to treat dangerous diseases, even cancer.


What is the work of a healer?
Many people think that healers do miracles, but it’s not exactly the truth. The healers launch the natural mechanism of self-healing of the person that stopped for some reason.
The healers share their knowledge and power that can launch the mechanisms of healing in a body of a person.

It may stop because of wrong behavior and not obeying moral rules for own sake, bad lifestyle, ration and etc. Sometimes it happens because of the karma burden of the person.
For example, in a previous life a man committed a bad deed, they killed somebody, cast a corruption, raped, robbed and etc. It’s called – karma consequences, they may appear as untreatable diseases and there is a very small chance that the disease has physiological causes.

Types of healers.
All healers can be divided into four groups. Healers of the first level treat the physical body of a person, but they can’t influence their consciousness.
They are classified as herb doctors and representatives of traditional medicine.

Second level healers are called ritual or magical. They are mainly quacks. Healers ask Angels, sometimes Demons, for their assistance. They can work with the powers of nature and with own energy. But the persons should be honest with themselves or the disease will return.
Third level healers are called psychics, they literally see the energy field of the man: these chunks of energy on organs caused the diseases. A psychic healer blocks the disease with own energy and extracts it from the bio field of the person.
Fourth level healers are called spiritual, they are the most complicated. The healer directly influences the source of the problem, wrongdoings of the man. However the person should be ready to take responsibility for their life.
Each level healer is efficient in own way.

There are healers out there that possess several levels and combine different methods.


The message of Jesus to the healers –
All people are brothers and sons of God. The opportunity to be at peace is in your hands. Healers! Put all fundamentals of spirituality to the healed person, give him future, don’t forget about him, and don’t leave one who walks in the desert full of temptations and mirages. If not you, someone else will take this upon themselves, they will become the destroyer of their life, of other peoples, nations, states. Those reckless, who bathe in greatness will explode the Earth, taking the best away – the Nature and Mankind.


From the apostolic service of God to the healer came the ability to heal, but this gift should be increased to heal, and not cripple your soul with riches, robbing the senile, the poor, the miserable, suffering in anguish about God.
Treat free of charge the poor, charge only the rich, and sacrifice the obtained wealth for the healing of the nature of man’s spiritual life.
(Jesus) Healers! Be perfect, as perfect as your Father in heaven is. Healers, help your brothers and sisters walking along the road to God, while others avoid. Jesus – my true followers will be equal to me in their deeds, some will even surpass me.
Jesus said that all diseases of mankind are sent by God as a punishment,
so to heal them, one must deal with oneself.

A disease is the signal of problems in life and visible proof of violating the Laws of Existence, established by the Creator since the beginning.


Harmony is health. A disorder is a disease.
If health gets worse and disease appear – it signifies that a man walks the wrong way.
Reputation says much about the healer’s level. Sometimes, when people with the most hopeless disease come to the healer and he can’t help
him anymore, then a true healer will never take a payment for the absence of results.
The results of healing may vary, but complete recovery of the person is possible only when this person changes their attitude to the body and health.
There are many disease and the degree of neglect is individual and that requires from healer (quack) certain powers, energy and time.


When it comes to paying for the treatment it’s individual for every case, depending on the situation. Why? Well because money can evaluate the health and life of a person. Because it’s impossible to determine the load of work and time in an instance. Health, time of the master and money aren’t comparable.  And what is wealth anyway if there is no health, the second basis for happiness? Also, the healer should rationally estimate own skills, available time and if they understand they can’t help, they should come out honestly and deny the treatment.


It’s important
for healers that do the job with their hands that the received energy was coming from outside because the healer is a conductor, not a radiator of own energy.
Transfer of own energy is a very dangerous practice as it may lead to loss of health.
Besides the knowledge of healing, one also has to possess a high level of energy, because energy skills define the healer. It’s necessary to control the energy and not many people can do that.

It’s not often that all decent qualities were focused in one man.
That’s why there are so few good healers.
There are not many true healers nowadays. The time has proven that healing people is a tough job and often ungrateful. But, the true healers continue to heal, sometimes even against own good.

As in any other field, experience and practice is of a great significance in this business, because in order to treat the ill, it’s necessary to find the reason of the disease, figure out what caused the illness: stress and worries, or negative thinking, nutrition or energetic influence.

Heart, for example, suffers from anger, stomach suffers from constant worries, kidneys get sick from fear, and liver from wrath.
Powerful emotional worries that you experienced years ago may show themselves later as pain and disease.
Strong hurt, grief for the deceased, unbearable anxiety or consuming anger may result in cancer.
During his work healer may face a problem: people don’t like to work with Soul and don’t develop their Spirit.
They are not eager to change character traces that caused the disease.
As a result, the disease may return and the effect
from the treatment would be only temporal.

All diseases – is the result of sins, committed to oneself and the surrounding world. The illness and sufferings is a clear proof that a person has no ability to align own condition and life with the world in harmony. Maybe there are many too many smart words not easy to understand. But we are what we eat, what we are what we create and do! And health-disease is also us.

All disease and suffering people have made us think and be self-conscious, own deeds and reasons that led to illness. The main reason for health decay is turning down or not knowing the laws of world, nature, a society that much like not knowing criminal laws – isn’t the defense. But if we can negotiate with the judge to lay back the punishment a bit, a disease, in this case, does not recognize compromises.

The disease and pain may have one reason. The word “Pain” itself in Greek means punishment.
A man can punish himself, or nature may do it for vile and reckless behavior with our body!
Many people blame their problems on the healer, refusing to change themselves, change the thinking, lifestyle and self-esteem. These people are likely to die before changing their life.


But there are other reasons for the disease, like the negative influence of one person upon another to harm health. Scientist only recently admitted the
existence of a bio field of a man, that our brain radiates waves and such things as corruption, evil eye, curse and other is basically the energy.
They have one name – negative energetic informational influence.
These negative influences cause disease and even death. And traditional medicine can’t help if that’s the case!

The chief healer is you! When you feel about yourself and inside the harmony and power, a person may become own healer, as the sparkle starts a flame.

A healer is a mentor and a guide!

He is a conductor of life energy willed by Forces and man!

No quack or healer could treat a patient if this chance wasn’t given by fate!


There are no coincidences – there is inevitability!