The difference between quacks and black sorcerers.

The difference between quacks and black sorcerers.

The difference between quacks and black sorcerers.
People go to black sorcerers and mages in very desperate situations, usually to remove evil charms, corruption or to have revenge on an enemy putting a curse or an evil eye on them. Usually, people go to black mages with evil intents, but they are capable of good deeds as well, even though they call upon dark forces for assistance.

Quacks, on the other hand, ask the saints for help, they pray in their healing practice. Quacks are often called white magicians, they can heal both body and spirit wounds, remove anxiety, depression, dejection and spirit weakness with their kind attitude, a power of influence and positive energy.

As an attribute quacks usually use only healing herbs, while sorcerers use bones, entrails, various body parts, animal feces and other unusual items.

Sorcerers and mages are afraid of people, they hide in privacy, their work is a secret, while quacks do miracles publicly.

There are differences in appearance of sorcerers and quacks too. Sorcerers usually have a repulsive appearance. Dark, bushy eyebrows, angry, always serious, usually dark, eyes, unpleasant loud voice. In behavior, sorcerers are characterized by the habit to command, and in general, these personalities are unpleasant psychologically.

Quacks, however, are kind, good-natured, in most cases, pious people, experienced and respected by others. The house of a quack is clean, light and warm, filled with the aroma of healing herbs. A true quack never asks money for assistance, but helping one with money, food or anything else wouldn’t hurt.

Put simple, sorcerers – evil, quacks – good. Quacks may never harm people who asked them for help, but a sorcerer may cause some troubles for a person intentionally or due to lack of experience. One should never treat the dead world lightly.

But the line between good and evil is blurred and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish one from other. That’s why sometimes people may refer the same person both as good quack and evil sorcerer. Sometimes people group quacks with sorcerers due to unpleasant appearance features: clamor, scars, blindness etc. Sometimes a man who heals purely with healing herbs and prayers is accused of having a connection with dark forces just because they used to see supernatural in everything that’s impossible to explain.

The miracles surround us and not everything unexplainable is evil. Good miracles and health to you.

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