The birth of healthy generation.

The birth of healthy generation.

The birth of healthy generation.
This is a red hot issue for entire humanity and any family at all.

How many young families go through tragedies? Infertility!
Usually, the corruption mark is put on a young, inexperienced wife.
And even good pregnancy doesn’t safely guarantee the birth of a healthy child.
Now poor woman is to be blamed for everything and she bears this cross for the rest of her life.

Down’s syndrome, patients with cerebral palsy, mentally challenged, physically infirm – their number is huge and sorrow never leaves these homes.
What happens, where do these mutations come from, what beast changes gene information?
I’d want to say it’s Satan, but these vile things is the result of one real substance called Candida, also known as thrush.

Many people think that it’s exclusively women disease. No!
Men also have yeasts (Candida). It’s just the women have visible proof of it due to physiological structure of the organism.
Our lymphatic system is made to clean the organism from products of life activity, both our cells and foreign microbial flora. Lymph nodes range in sizes from microscopic to really large.

It is like huge river systems made from small streams and springs.
So, the largest lymph nodes are located in the abdomen, where candida and its poisons discharge, partially in the intestine and partially in the female reproductive system.
The entire epithelium of the tubes, the uterus, the vagina is covered with a fungal infection destroying it with its acids, hampering the progress of the egg and making it impossible to meet the sperm.
Damage to the walls of the vagina is so strong that even easily touched with a finger or cotton sweat, drops of blood can appear. This means only one thing – strong acidity affects both the egg and the sperm.

But it’s half the trouble.
Candida (yeast substance) makes two strikes during fermentation.
First, it destroys the walls of the egg with acids letting free radicals in changing genetic information. That’s why children with permanent defects are born.

How to avoid a horrible tragedy and what offers our team?
Before the conception, you need to get rid of Candida (thrush).
1. Cleansing of the whole organism with the help of neutralizing salts of natural origin.
2. With the help of a special composition of minerals, acids and various toxins are extracted through the skin within 10 days, by applying a compress on the stomach.
3. Every day, rub the walls of the vagina with cotton wool soaked in a solution of the salts of the neutralizer.
4. Stop eating sweets provoking severe fermentation inside the body.
All activities include exclusively natural substances, excluding all artificial medications.

Who are the healers?