My task and path in this life is to spread the truth and knowledge about healing!
To help the people to understand and to think about, to find reason and to help get rid of the disease.

I was born in places that bear a historical name of Transylvania.
My childhood was quite careless in a small family. Among all relatives, my granny Manya (Maria) was very special. She was a woman of a few words, but she was very kind. Even though we lived in one room, granny’s lifestyle was different.

Some could think it was too much of a humbleness, but she drank only tea of herbs, picked in a certain period, or if it was urgent, she would ask me to run to a snowy raspberry and brink a couple of raspberry branches. I was shocked when I was vibrant raspberry color in the cup and the smell of fresh raspberry, Then I thought to myself she was a wizard. And no sugar, might I add. Maybe she did something else we couldn’t see. She prayed every day to the icons in the corner of the room. So what am I on about?

She lived for almost 100 years, and her mom for 110.
I was so involved with other people following thousand years old traditions, sometimes breaking bad…
Of course, supreme providence has its price for the wrong lifestyle. In 2008 I was occupied with some business, when suddenly I felt a horrible pain in the perineum as if a fold of clothing rubbed the skin. When I got home, I looked there and was astonished. Something was hanging on a thin leg, it was like a small plum. Some sources said that it was the first sign of cancer so I was defeated by this terrible idea. So I rushed to cut this abomination off with manicure scissors, but I knew it wasn’t over.

And of course, one by one, 8 more of these things appeared. I ripped them off with nails before the initial stage of growth.
The information was that I had 6 years left. And it was true.

During this period, obesity, arthrosis of the knee with the inability to walk, unwieldy legs, as if filled with lead, hypertension, cyanotic toes almost ready for amputation, a non-healing crack in the anus with regular bleeding were added to my list of problems.
Five of my school and academy friends had died already from cancer by that time. Common sense told me not to go to the doctors!!! My friends were tortured to death with operations and chemotherapies. They gave them false hope and at the same time as cruel frauds robbed them.

In 2014 with unimaginable pain in the stomach I was preparing for the last shot in my life. When all of a sudden I met my old friend, a colonel of the secret service. He told me about an old quack in the Carpathians. I didn’t believe him but after he talked me in with harsh words, I left to my destination. I was returning home in the even more depressing state. I couldn’t understand how can I treat cancer with everyday items in the house?! I started treating my left leg with sand in the knee (coxarthrosis). The next day I understood – miracles do exist. The knee hurt no more, although the doctor said that in 2-3 months I would have to replace the joint with an artificial one. Cheered up by the results, I undergone more procedures, not laying back. All of it was so mysterious and weird, reminding me scenes from mythical tales. In 3 week that pain below the stomach was gone, I could go to the bathroom with ease once more (I had a blocking due to the tumor). Besides these cheerful changes, I had some lightness in my body, like if I was young once again. So I started working out on bars. The results were phenomenal. For example, I could do 40-50 pushups with one hand.

Summary. I stopped eating fermented products. I undergone a therapy course with natural minerals, I found out the origin of the most of diseases, I started helping those unfortunate in a hopeless state and it inspires me and gives my life a purpose.
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If you believe in healers, wizards and quacks then Transylvania is just the right place for you,
Truly, when you finally reach this small but attractive region you begin to understand that mystics and reality go side by side. Prophets, healers and quacks of Transylvania are not characters of ancient tales, they are alive and very real people that have own association. As it turns out, wizards and witches exist in the Carpathians on a quite legal basis.
Here they are treated with reverence and awe, their right for existence is recognized.
The local folks have great respect for ancient knowledge that a few people possess, unfortunately, relying purely on official medicine. If you hear that some quack heals cancer like a simple cold, don’t be surprised as it is the absolute truth.
Through the supreme providence I obtained some knowledge of ancient wise wizards.