My story of a disease.

Roman, I’ll show you a picture of me on my license some time, I made it somewhere around 2001. I had this large physiognomy, I had ugly red spots on nose and cheeks that consisted of small blood veins. On the left side of my nose, some tumor appeared of about 3-4 mm. Now I know what it was! Adenoids in the nose, outgrowths in the face, papillomas, cancer moles – all these are manifestations of the vile work of a fungal infection.
At some point, I even would take a thick knitting needle, heated it up and burnt out these tumors on the nose, but in a week or two, they get back. At that time I didn’t quite understand, that the root system of the fungus remains in the body. Many people know that even if you cut out the cancer tumor, it won’t save the person. New tumors will grow anyway.

After applying all these compresses, after every morning I washed and massaged my face with minerals and herbs for head, face, after all of that the red net, bags under eyes and all of these pimples finally disappeared.

I had a lot of small outgrowths around the eyes, I tried pulling them out. This is a versatile manifestation of Candida’s work. People don’t what it is. Gross papillomas appear on your eyelids. You can get rid of them harmlessly with compresses and mixtures. It’s a shame that many doctors say that Candida isn’t a thing to worry about, that immune system has everything under control, that yeast we consume isn’t Candida.

I started brushing my teeth with own herbs and mixtures, they were in a terrible condition. Two years ago I was ready to go to a doctor with pain in two root teeth, but I never made it. After replacing my toothpaste with a complex of minerals the pain went away. I think I will live with my own teeth to the end of my days, and now I’m not expecting them to be over very soon!