My story of a disease – the follow-up..

The follow-up…
Believe it or not, but healing recommendations from a quack had really quick results. In 3-4 days a crack in my anus regenerated, the anus itself felt now like an elastic vortex, the pain below the stomach went away. In 2012 a red semi-sphere of the size of a cherry plum appeared where I once cut off a papilloma. But in a week this disgusting thing disappeared leaving only a small skin fold. I also have a fantastic story about my knee. I have undergone only one procedure as the pain was gone the next day. And I noticed it only around noon after running here and there for a couple of hours.

The situation made me happy. Simple procedures removed my pain and discomfort and brought me some lightness and feeling of youth. I started to understand – the crisis was over. I was very eager to know how untreatable diseases (cancer, arthrosis, hypertension) disappeared. I spent my free time studying scientific works of progressive scientist from all over the world that was in any way related with oncology. In half a year, my head was bloated and was ready to explode. It was difficult for me, a career officer, to connect all mysteries and theories. It was then that remembered my mom’s dream she liked to tell me about. Right before I was born she saw Jesus Christ coming from the sky, he approached me and gave me 5 cents.

Yes! I remember this story all my life but I misunderstood it at some stages of my life. God gave me a clear vision on March 14, 2015 at 3 a.m., when the neighbors were celebrating wedding. I was staring at the ceiling when suddenly all puzzles of impossible mystery started making sense. The reason of all diseases was destructive nature of the yeast that medics call Candida, muguent. When the body is destroyed with acids of the yeasts, bacteria and other microbial flora gets inside the body very easily. So when people get sick, doctors start feeding them antibiotics that have no influence over the yeasts. Then when there are no competitors in the body of the person, the yeasts are quick to finish what they started. There is a ton of such cases.

When you understand the process of fermentation it’s easy enough to explain why cancer cells appear in the first place.