Human is a record holder of the number of diseases.

Human is a record holder of the number of diseases.

→Human is a record holder of the number of diseases among the mammals

Our immunity much like every other animal is set to suppress microbus that got into our organism in a natural way, but people pour millions of yeast cells with bread, wine, beer and etc. in themselves willingly.

Industrial yeasts undergo an uncanny selection. A colony of cells is processed with sulfur acid, lime and formalin. Cells that survive then produce a new generation. Can you imagine what murder-monsters we get in our bodies?

What danger yeast posses. As I understood from works of some scientists, they completely forgot the biology lessons about digestion of microbes. All microbes do extracellular digestion. They don’t have mouths and stomach. Thus they produce stomach juice around their cells, digest everything that surrounds hem and consume all necessary microelements. When these acids are inside of us (acidosis), our cells and intercellular space is destroyed.

Roughly speaking, we become a compost pile, rotting while still alive.

But!!! That’s not all.
The yeasts double strike – first they destroy us from inside and then fill us with residuals. This residuals is the result of fermentation (particles, not molecules of sugar, but not molecules of spirit yet). Yes!

The fermentation phenomena is it’s not only a chemical reaction.
There are 13 of them, actually. The residuals are active, through destroyed cell walls they get inside and connect to the DNA spiral that gives commands to the metabolism as well as creating next generation of cells.

Back in 1962 two American scientists, that got Nobel Prize for debunking DNA noticed
that the smooth surfaces of the spirals have some outgrowths and back then they had suggestions it was related to cancer. But the scientists still have no clue what are those outgrowths and it’s just because at some point science decided to shrug off the full study of chemical reactions of fermentation for the medical world. All books represent it schematically (sugar molecule-fermentation-spirit molecule).

“Wrong metabolism” can be seen every day when you look at very fat people;
Emaciated faces with protruding eyes means a damaged thyroid gland, etc.

You might ask, what should we do with cancer? And I reply! The modern medicine can’t treat cancer and having no clue of appearing of this pathology in the first place, it won’t ever find the cure.

Our recommendations:
1. Don’t consume yeast products.
2. Block free residuals with active chemical elements, friendly for our organism.
3. Start cleaning lymphatic and circulatory system with minerals of natural origin.