Healer - beginning...

I started studying the information. It resulted in real the picture of the world and
mass murder of men becoming more distinct…
A horrifying picture was before my eyes when I understood the processes
in human body, that consumes yeast products, I drew an analogy with biblical scenes.

One could suggest what the temptation apple really represented.
Perhaps, the mankind liked the taste of fermented fruits, grains (wine, beer) and intoxicated state.
Thus, the mankind plunged into a vortex of misfortunes and tragedies, not understanding what sufferings are waiting for them and how early the death would be. We go to a store, see tasty-looking grapes, plums with a light, translucent white coating, which, even, gives the fruit some refinement and naturalness. But this yeast that always hovers in the air as spores, sticking to sweets.

I’ll explain to those, who don’t know.
When making a wine, the factory yeast isn’t added to the juice. The process of fermentation is only possible with yeast on the surface of the fruits.

Scene √2, described in the Bible.
One time a housewife kneaded the dough, but she did not have time to bake bread the same day.
She left the dough until morning.

The next day she was puzzled when saw that the dough became much larger and the bread was much more tasteful after baking it. The rumor spread quickly among the people and it was seen as a gift of God. Our poor, poor ancestors. Actually, it’s the pieces of yeast that stick to the dough and managed to ferment over the night. So really it was Satan himself who made this “gift”.

There are plenty of examples of the use of a mold (yeast – a species of this type of fungi). Vodka, wine, beer, kvass, cider, yeast bread, cheeses, smoked sausages, Hamon meat, in combination with a mass of sweet cooking and give the effect of fermentation in the body. By the way, American scientists are determined to defeat hunger in some countries with the help of fungi (meaning mold). There is no greater cynicism.

What does these mutations do to a human body?
We will know only after decades pass, but then it will be too late!
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