With basic knowledge of nature and life,
one can help a man in any condition, heal many diseases.

A quack posses the vision gift. In ancient times they were called wizards, i.e. they know or see things other can’t. The book title “Veda” originated from the word “wizard” and it contains the sacred knowledge.

A quack originated from the word – “to know”, a man that knows his business when it comes to healing. Since ancient times quackery was one with people medicine.

Healer originated from word “to heal”. A healer and a psychic are synonyms, because the healing is carried out without any applied methods. “Extra” – supreme, sensor – sensitiveness. Healer receives their gift from above. The higher powers conduct healing energy through a healer.
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A quack is able to see the subtle energetic of our body and the true reason of a disease.
Earlier people would say that a quack almost talked with the diseases, ask and demands them to leave. Today it’s comparable to meditation and mantras that help the quack to switch off a troubled mind (stops the thoughts) and enters astral (altered) state.

People came to quacks since ancient times to heal their diseases. Unlike dark wizards, people liked quacks more and they always thought that quacks take their powers from divine and light.

The difference between quacks and black wizards.
Who are healers?

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