Each of us has the right to live own life however we please, choosing own way and decisions. The psychoanalysts with education and experience in CP DSE , are tasked with teaching a man to coop with the challenges of fate on their own and make life decisions without need of an analyst in the future.

We offer practical help with neuroses, sudden aggression, solving problems in relationships and much more.
Our task is to help you understand what you really want – thus, what decision will be the best for you!
Our help and work consists not in giving advice, but in helping you find your own way of solving the problem.
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Psychoanalysts that studied in CP DSE – are people devoted to finding the truth and people that overcame own psychoanalysis. Our specialist will be glad to share their knowledge and experience with you. You can learn more about them by reading their applications here…

You can also go for help directly to the CP DSE center.
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Mentality is a tool and it should be organized and constructed in a way that satisfies personal needs of a person with own activity that brings the required result. And all of that without inner (inside the person) and outer (with the society) conflicts.

CP DSE – Clinical psychoanalysis of deficit states of Ego

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