The nature itself is ready to help your body. The secrets of natural methods in naturopathy.


Naturopathy is good for people that already know diagnosis and were treated with regular medicine methods with no effect. Instead of suppressing the symptoms, naturopathy concerns rather the reasons of this condition and applies recreational procedures that use natural mechanisms of a human body. Naturopathy is based on faith that if an organism is given the right tool, it will be able to heal itself.

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  1. The organism knows what it needs. The basic principle of naturopathy is in the statement that organism is the best healer and it knows better than anybody what it needs. Organism has the ability to support own health and even heal itself if the person cares about own body. When a person neglects the needs of own organism it ceases its work, but if you give proper care the self-healing functions will be on once more.


  1. Surgery is rarely needed. People that practice naturopathy aren’t crazy or ignorant. They know that there are occasionally situations when a medicament treatment, surgical operation or other procedures practiced by western medicine needed.

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