Healthy body is the most valuable gift that defines the quality of our life, the state of soul and its duration.

With knowledge and experience, with the help of herbs and minerals, modern medicine and energetic influence one can heal any disease. The most important thing to do is to find out the root reasons of the disease and stop the destruction of organism before it’s too late. A complex approach allows reaching quick recreation and healing.
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Healer isn’t just a doctor or a quack, his task is not only heal any diseases that person may have, but also restore the integrity and harmony of the soul and body. Thus the name “Healer” as in “integrity” (play of words). A person with powers and properties given by God that are distinct in their life.

A quack originated from the word – “to know”, a man that knows his business when it comes to healing. Since ancient times quackery was one with people medicine.

Healer originated from word “to heal”. A healer and a psychic are synonyms, because the healing is carried out without any applied methods. “Extra” – supreme, sensor – sensitiveness. Healer receives their gift from above. The higher power conduct healing energy through a healer.

Qualities that healer possesses, except for unique skills – is patience, kindness, mercy, attentiveness, responsiveness, ability to empathize, sincerity. Such people have a high degree of sensitivity, they are able to see, hear and feel what others can’t.

Healers have high energy level, they heal doomed patience that official medicine abandoned long ago. The most powerful healers help treating dangerous diseases, even cancer.

What is the work of a healer?

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