Energetic healing and curing.

Every person has hidden powers, organism reservoirs that upon first call are ready to wake up and start healing and rejuvenating. The spring of eternal youth inside us always waits to be launched starting the mechanism of rejuvenation on full power.
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Our team is ready to help the following methods:
Herbalism and Healing.
Herbalism and Cosmoenergetics.
Esoteric (magical / witchcraft).

The main types of destructive formations: Energy outflow (“hole”) – “vulnerable” places in the biofield, through which the vital energy, strength, and human health go away. Reason: clots/programs (there may be internal attitudes of the ego and the psyche, or the influence of other people over us) and the lvra/egregory (that owns our time and energy, for example – addictions).
Diagnostics: power loss, apathy, depression and sickness.
You need to ask yourself: what happened BEFORE you started experiencing this condition (find the reason or a clot…) and/or exclude it from your life, reduce it to the very minimum or replace it with something positive and creating. In the worst case scenario ask

Power block. It is a place of energy accumulation, a place of stagnation.
It also manifests itself in physics. The main cause of tumors.
Reason: tension, anxiety, resentment, non-acceptance of people and
situations (“pushing and pulling away”), denial, greed, laziness, condemnation and the like.
It is necessary to ask yourself the question: what causes tension in me, that I can’t accept (including in myself), that I condemn (and, therefore, strengthen in the world, so I go against myself, blocks are included – psychosomatics) and etc. Having found the reasons, it is necessary to start working with practices of acceptance, forgiveness, release, relaxation (relaxation exercises), etc.

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