Who are Magicians and witches?

Who are Magicians and witches?

Who are Magicians and witches?
If we take a dictionary, it says that wizards/sorcerers/Magicians and witches are people who are occupied with conjuring/magic. And wizardry is some actions that may influence the nature and people. Once everybody thought that natural disasters are caused by the power of a wizard. Every settlement had own wizard, everybody feared him and respected.

Who are sorcerers and enchantresses?
In the middle age many innocent people were harmed because it was declared that they have something to do with magic, this with devil/dark forces. The victims of such actions were primarily women, especially with red hair and light weight. People thought that fragile women are so light that they could fly a broom.

But sorcerer isn’t necessarily dark one or a warlock. There are white sorcerers as well. Since ancient times they help people. They had a great role before the development of medicine. Because church could only offer prayers, but white sorcerers used other methods too. Often they used knowledge of quacks/healers. All herbs, all mixtures too. Thus, a white sorcerer is a quack too. Of course, common folk didn’t quite understand various manipulations with unknown ingredients and the people with knowledge were called “wizards” and “witches”.

Wizards in our time.
Many superstitious ideas concerning wizards and witches are debunked now. But does It mean that there are no wizards at all? The science is very advanced now. I doubt that flooding or a tornado would be blamed on magical influence. But when a person suddenly has misfortunes and everything goes wrong, somebody will eventually say something about putting an evil eye on someone.

It’s well established that the word “witch” is mostly associated with something bad, with black magic. The church even now deems sorcery a sinful activity. But many modern witches say that there is nothing forbidden in their actions and the speech patterns they use in their spells are very similar to prayers.

By the way, the spells have great significance. There were studies that confirm that words and even thoughts really could influence the physical world. And considering that witches have more powerful energy compared to regular people, it’s not very hard to believe in the power of spells.

Shows that talk about various extrasensory abilities gained popularity recently. Some think it’s just a show, some sincerely believe that some granny wizard may help in solving important problems or even successfully investigate a crime.

However, due to the fact that sorcerers, hexes and other people with extraordinary abilities have gained great popularity, there is a great chance of falling for the bait to a charlatan, and not to a sorcerer. After all, people often start to believe in magic when they are in despair. And false sorcerers, charlatans successfully use this. Magic in our time is not cheap. Often happens that a “sorceress” only considers herself special because of some mental deviations!
Enchantresses and witches
An enchantress or a witch? One person could be called both names by common people. But there is a difference. First of all, the magic of an enchantress is universal. A man, i.e. sorcerer, can use it as well. But witches use purely female magic.

To become an enchantress you need to be born one and constantly improve the skills of rituals and etc. These abilities are transferred by heritage.
A witch also gains powers from the moment she was born, but she needs the initiation ritual that often carried out by the own granny-witch. Right after the initiation, the witch can use her gift even if she doesn’t fully understand how to use it properly.
An enchantress may learn any magical practices of her own choice. She could live a normal life if she wanted. You could say that magic for an enchantress is some sort of a profession. But a witch, however, improves what was given her by nature and she will never stop being a witch even if she wants.
Enchantresses are mostly rational and calm while witches are wayward and unbridled.

How to detect an enchantress?
It is said that a witch is much easier to detect than an enchantress. They love following, recognition of their exclusive qualities, they like vibrant clothing, attracting attention. Of course, she may wear extravagant jewelry. But enchantresses usually don’t care that much about appearance, they mostly look regular, not many people know about their gifts.

Well, how then to detect an enchantress?

Without a doubt, follow a special energy. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable in the presence of some people. They may have heavy energy, it’s possible that you’re facing a wizard. To protect yourself from an evil eye, just don’t look in the eyes of the wizard, let alone touch them.

And there are such people, that seem to be warm and calm. And they are lucky in life. Most likely, you are in the presence of a kind witch. But it does not mean that she is perfect in everything, she also may have outbursts of anger. In any case, you need to communicate cautiously and try not to anger sorcerers and enchantresses.
N.P. Bekhtereva, a famous professor and PhD proved that an enchantress differs from a woman with better hormonal system work as if she is surrounded with aphrodisiacs. Besides her intellect functions in a slightly different way. Even if she is not that beautiful, she still attracts men. That’s why people sometimes say “she charmed him”.

You may not believe in the existence of magic, but the undiscovered and unknown still exists. There is no need to jump from one side to other. If a sorcerer can’t raise dead it doesn’t mean there are no sorcerers. Magic is everywhere. You just need to be able to see it. We are all magicians to a certain extent. Even a soup cooked with love may “charm”, let alone unique receipts available only to a few.