What is cancer?

What is cancer?

→What is cancer?
Where does this disease come from?

Why modern medicine even of superpowers still hasn’t found the cure for cancer?
What can we offer people in trouble?

The story related to this topic is so ancient that it is really hard to tell when it all began. Just one day men tasted fermented fruits, yeast bread, fermented milk products, sweet products and liked it.

Nobody really gives any attention to the fermentation process, choosing to willingly kill the humanity. And the science will never find the cure for cancer as it’s impossible. They know how to prolong life for a couple of years, 5 extra years would be seen as the highest achievement.

I’ll try to explain what is going on in the organism as simple as I can.
During the fermentation process a sugar molecule doesn’t instantly turn to spirit. A long period of transformations takes place, that is called chemical reactions and there are 13 of them. Everybody knows the last, the 14th chemical reaction. If you leave wine in a warm place it will turn to vinegar. This unfinished alcohol molecule is very active (free radical) thanks to adding, and removing of a group of molecules or hydroxyl groups.

Back in 1962 two American scientists, that got Nobel Prize for debunking DNA(Deoxyribonucleic acid) noticed that the smooth surfaces of the spirals have some outgrowths and back then they had suggestions it was related to cancer.

That’s exactly how it goes.
Free radicals get through the cell walls that were destroyed by acidosis (acidity) and while active, they conjoin with the DNA, that begin to act as a computer with a virus, giving wrong metabolism commands and most importantly – a distorted information for creating next generation cells. These freak-cells have a short life and they breed next cells very rapidly that results in tumors and general local rotting, of the lower part of the peritoneum, for example. In this case, doctors tend to make a mistake, diagnosing it as peritonitis. Then they prescribe antibiotics and a patient dies even faster.

You’ll ask, what needs to be done if the situation is completely hopeless?
Fortunately, there is a way if it’s not the final stage of the disease, of course.
First of all, we could block free radicals by using very active chemical elements, safe for our organism. Second of all, we need to extract acids and toxins from our body through the skin with mineral compresses. Third of all, we need to remove acidosis that destroys the body with the help of neutralizing salts of natural origin. And finally, we have to stop eating fermented products (bread, wine, beer, vodka, cider, kvas, pickled vegetables) and try to cut off sweets as much as you can.

Some scientific articles claim that if you were to stop eating bread then the yeasts would leave the body in half a year. There are no limits to stupidity. Does it matter whether there are yeasts or they were burnt in the furnace? The fermentation process is already over and now there millions of free radicals in bread.

Good health to you!

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