Biblical origin of mold

Biblical origin of mold

My task and path in this life is to spread the truth and knowledge about healing!
To help the people to understand and to think about, to find reason and to help get rid of the disease.
Of course, it happened by itself.
Somehow we picked grapes, it fermented, we drank it,
enjoyed very much, had a cheerful time and optimism that was not a thing to have back in the days.

The Bible describes the case when a woman kneaded the dough in evening (she did not have time to bake bread),
left a piece of dough and in the morning she found it 10 times larger. Overnight, the yeasts got from the air to the dough, it fermented, the dough swelled up because of chemical reactions and the mankind saw it as a gift from God, but it was actually from Satan!

The Bible is against leaven (it’s yeast basically).
The Bible promotes only unleavened bread, all famous prophets such as John, Abraham and others ate unleavened goods and didn’t drink wine. Their average lifespan was 150-200 years. Jesus Christ didn’t drink wine, it was juice on the Lord’s supper! Just fresh juice! What an interesting fact.

So basically yeasts is a sort of Satan’s image, very witty beast. Think about it, how many types of cancer there are, there are many diseases in the world, but only cancer has so many forms, what an ingenious beast Satan is.

Take me, for example, when I yet had no knowledge in medicine and healing, I immediately saw this image of Satan! That’s what people have been talking about for centuries – Satan, and he’s on our table every day, we consume these things every day, we don’t live a normal life and we die in sufferings.

When a man dies from anal cancer, what do next generations will have to remember?
It’s a massive disaster!
In the Bible, leaven is a symbol of sin and corruption.
That’s why Jesus drank juice in Lord’s supper and the bread was baked without yeasts.

Ancient Jews thought of yeasts as an impure product.

Jesus Christ not only preached, but he also healed many people, there was no real hygiene at that time, nobody knew what it was and the people were illiterate.

He would say: “Get up and go!” and pointed in some direction. What did he do? Sure, you can see it as a magic, but I think that the Christ pointed to the Dead sea, where all diseases were healed if you swim there, especially skin diseases.

When I studied the map of Israel I looked up the places where he preached.
As it turns out, it was only 4-6 km from Israel. It has a very interesting meaning and suggestion. Why does Israel have such a strong medicine? They know the secrets of herbs and minerals, there, near the Dead Sea, it’s connected to the Biblical place!